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TNF's Simple Family Fun: Afternoon Tea at Home
We love a welcoming afternoon tea service at the St. Regis, but we also know it is not always feasible with little ones. However, with our planning tips below you’ll be able to host as many tea socials at home as you like and whenever your darlings request one – which they will once they experience the first one!

Step 1: Gather the service set. If you do not have any tea cups, saucers, demi-tasse spoons, or even a tea pot, just visit your local goodwill shop! Many people donate their unused items. Having a charming mismatched set is fun because then everyone gets to have her “own” teacup set. Alternatively, order online a lovely set of your choosing. Is now a good time to mention that Ikea sells perfectly sized small forks and spoons for little ones? And, they have demi-tasse spoons for cappuccino and tea!

Step 2: Configure a  tiered serving platter. Bed Bath and Beyond is a good place to look for one to purchase, especially if you can get your hands on a 20%-off coupon. However, if you do not have space for yet another dish, then simply take three plates and two cups or glasses to construct a temporary tea service platter. Just make sure to place it on the table in a spot that is far enough away from those little arms!

Step 3: Decide which tea you will serve. True tea service calls for loose-leaf tea. However, tea bags may be easier. Orange Pekoe with some milk and honey is a nice option for little ones. If you have an adventurous spirit, try serving chai.

Step 4: Make sure the tea is the right temperature. This means that the tea should be cooler for the little ones than your own. To do this, just add some cold or cool water to your darling’s cup after you have added the sweetener.

Step 5: Snacks can be as simple as pretzels or finger sandwiches. Anything seems yummier on a pretty dessert plate! You do not have to make yourself crazy with the menu. But, take a moment to make something that could become a tradition in your house. That’s what makes it authentically your afternoon tea service!

TNF’s Takes'N' Tips
A. This is a great time to introduce or remind little ones of table manners.
B. Tea time can also be a cue for heart-to-heart conversation, especially if something may be bothering your child.
C. Once your family catches the tea time bug, do not be surprised if your munchkins start eyeing tea cup sets and pointing them out!
D. Hot cocoa is a great alternative, too.

Please let us know how your afternoon tea service turns out!